Testimonials – Online Group Turbos

‘…a pretty phenomenal increase of 11% [FTP] so a massive thank-you to you for helping me achieve my lockdown goal of improving my cycling fitness and FTP score’. Lisa

‘I made massive improvements in my FTP during lockdown and lost a few lbs at the same time!!’ Louis

‘Thanks very much – the coaching is super and amazing to see how you have changed people’s lives during lockdown!’ Helen

‘Nat’s sessions have defo helped, no doubt. She’s a bloody star. I even dropped my husband on some climbs. That’s never happened before’. Gilly

‘Nat I really enjoyed that. I never thought I would ever enjoy a sweetspot session ever in my life but I loved it’. Grace

‘Really can’t thank you enough for the lifesaving sessions you generously gave us throughout lockdown. Lovely combination of exercises that really pushed my fitness in a very controlled way’. Trudy

‘Definitely motivated by your sessions and coaching!’ Fiona

‘I’ve really enjoyed the progression of the sweetspot stuff, it’s done me the power of good to start at 6 mins and build up. It’s given me a lot more mental confidence that I can hold the power comfortably for that long’. Phoebe

‘Finding your turbo sessions my absolute saving grace – I feel like me again and that has been a long time!’ Jo

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