Instructions – Online Group Turbo Sessions

To join us you will need (alongside a turbo/rollers/exercise bike/spin bike/watt bike):

  • The Zoom app
  • Headphones or a speaker (with a microphone if you also want to join the chat)

If you are also joining us on Zwift (optional) you will need:

  • Zwift App
  • Zwift Companion App – To join our meet up (This is different to the usual Zwift App)

Instructions to set up both are below. Although there are a few steps it is simple to set up. Any questions or problems please get in touch


Please see below if you don’t already use Zoom

At the time of the session

1. About 10 minutes before the session starts either:

  • Click ‘Join’ on the zoom app and enter the meeting ID (767 928 4225)


2. Everyone will see me on video where I will call out the instructions.

You can choose to join us with or without audio and with or without video.

  • Just listen to me and pedal (chose no audio, no video).
  • Join in with audio only so we can hear you and you can be part of the chat but we can’t see you (chose to join audio, no video).
  • Join in via video where we will be able to see you as well as hear you (chose to join audio & join video).

At any time you can change your mind by taping on the screen and clicking on either ‘mute’ (to stop audio) or ‘stop video’.

If you don’t have Zoom – follow these steps first

1. Install the App

You can use Zoom on mobile devices as well as Windows and Mac. Head to their Download page on your mobile or computer.

2. Create your account

Click ‘Sign up for Free’ and enter your email and chose a password.


These instructions assume you are already a member and user of Zwift. If you haven’t joined yet, Zwift offer a free 7 day trial. If you need any assistance on setting yourself up on Zwift check out their support pages.

  1. Download and set up the Zwift Companion App (Andriod / iOS).
  2. Request to follow me on Zwift – Natalie Creswick
  3. Each week on a Sunday I will send you invites to the Meet Ups for the following week. The meet ups allows us to all ride together in a group, even though we’ll all be putting out different watts/kg.
  4. Accept the invitations for the sessions you would like to join. You can decline or ignore the rest

At the time of the session

  1. Be ready to cycle at least 5 minutes before the meet up starts.
  2. Start Zwift, join the world specified in the invitation and click ‘Ride’.
  3. 3-5 minutes before the meet up start time a blue box will appear on the bottom left of the screen to join the meetup.
  4. Click on the blue box and you will be taken to the meet point. Here you will see everyone else in the group waiting. Start pedalling as you would usually do on Zwift
  5. When the countown timer gets to 0 we will all set off cycling together.

Take a look at this video for more information on joining a Zwift Meet Up.

Any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or send me an email on

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