Di’s Bread recipe

There are of course those out there who are still at war with bread. Here at Team Headset we are against diets that cut out major food groups and we are for a healthy balanced diet with a little bit of what you fancy every now again. Di is a big toast fan, I know this because I have spent many a happy hour sharing beans on toast with her in a cold Derbyshire cafe. So Di has kindly shared with us her bread recipe, love Phoebe.

I leave the baking to Phoebe, am not a big baker so doing a recipe there was only one to use. White bought bread is simply rubbish; it doesn’t fill you up and its full of additives, sugar and preservatives so I recently started making my own bread. Being an athlete I am always hungry and there isn’t many day that go by where am not snacking on toast. The recipe of my white bread is simple and anyone can do it.

Literally throw in all in a bowl:

400g Flour

7g dry yeast

Tablespoon of honey

½ teaspoon of salt

300ml warm water.

Whack it in a bowl mix it up, knead (get out some of life’s frustrations kneading the bread). Leave it to rise somewhere warm for – well am sure there is a specific time but to be honest whatever fits in with your training an hour’s turbo session and a shower is the general rule for me. Stick it in the oven and wait for 30mins. Simple as that, freshly baked healthy bread.

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