Bike Fit – Is it worth it?

I have recently been lucky enough to be chosen as a Specialized ambassador. I entered an online competition on a bit of a drunken whim and a few weeks later I received a phone call asking me if I fancied the job. This role involves encouraging more girls to get out riding by organising rides and events as well as being a good role model. I figured I could give it a bit of a go. In return I got myself some snazzy black and white kit and a beautiful new Specialized Amira bike. I had an Amira a few years ago when I was riding for the Mule bar Girls and I deeply regret giving it back as I thoroughly enjoyed riding it. Along with this new bike came a body geometry bike fit. I haven’t had a bike fit for a couple of years and my body has changed quite a bit since having a baby. Its fair to say I was very keen to have a fit.

Many people feel unsure about bike fits and can be understandably reluctant to spend their money on something that doesn’t initially feel essential. However they are a great investment. During a bike fit the fitter will have a good chat with you about your riding, what your goals are and if you have any problems on the bike. They will then analyse your riding position and suggest some adjustments. These adjustments can help you be more efficient on the bike and get more power out and more power means faster riding and faster riding means more Strava QOMs! which is just what we want. As well as going faster, the fitter can help to make adjustments so that you feel more comfortable on the bike and can ride it for longer. They can also help you treat or prevent any injuries or niggly aches and pains you might have when riding. What’s not to like?

For my fit the overall position initially wasn’t thought to be too bad. I was certainly comfortable on the bike as I had ridden it quite a lot before taking it in. However the fitter had some suggestions to make me more powerful on the bike and more aerodynamic. The stem was lengthened, the saddle was raised ever so slightly and my cleat position was adjusted. The saddle was also tilted ever so slightly forward to prevent a bit of saddle sore I had been getting occasionally. The proof would be in the riding.

The next day I took my bike out for a “full gas”hilly 50mile group ride. My husband who is always stronger than me and irritatingly fit despite dubious amounts of training accompanied me on this ride as my mum very kindly agreed to babysit. I felt good on the bike, I felt rea

lly good. I was climbing well and strong on the flats. It was my turn on the front I dug in and put a big long turn in, I turned round to see a distant figure off the back of the group – my husband! For the first and hopefully not the last time I had dropped him and that my friend is why a bike fit is by all accounts priceless!


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